Vote for the features you want most!
Vote for the features you want most!

It's been a few months since we launched Timeflow’s open beta, and we have made a lot of progress thanks to your feedback. Still at an early stage, we are slowly moving towards a more stable and daily basis usable version.

Timeflow, like Reclaim or Motion, allows you to manage your tasks as a team and to automatically schedule them in your agenda. As soon as an event appears in your calendar, your entire schedule is recalculated to respect your available time, your priorities and your deadlines.

Towards your dream app

Your feedback is a precious help, it is for you and thanks to you that we manage to develop a more brilliant application. The more you give us your opinion, the more we are able to make informed decisions for Timeflow’s future. In short, you build it with us.

To continue to receive your feedback in the most efficient way, we have set up a system that allows us to collect your remarks, your critics, your requests. And to update you about the progress of our work.

Check out our new Roadmap/Feedback page.

Work in progress

On the above link, you can already see all the features we are considering and the bugs we are fixing. For example, at this time, we are working on improving the task scheduling rules to make them behave better. We are also working on fixing several bugs in the sign up process that make it tedious or impossible to create an account.

For the future we have announced many additions: recurring tasks, calendar work slots edition, dedicated work slots (especially for slashers, multi-entrepreneurs and for users who want to organize their professional and personal tasks on different working times)...

We also plan to add the ability to connect multiple calendars, inject tasks into your Google Calendar, create a mobile application and many other features.

Why you should vote

There are so many reasons! Some of them:

  • To influence our future decisions about new features (for example, this is where you should go if you want us to integrate a Microsoft compatibility, a dark-mode, the ability to edit your task descriptions in markdown or anything else you want...)
  • To show us your interest for Timeflow. Each vote, each request, is a big help that will make us want to go faster and further, to develop the best automatic task scheduling application.
  • To report bugs. Give us information so we can solve them as soon as possible. If these bugs prevent you from using the application, you will be informed as soon as they are solved.
  • Simply to be notified when a feature you are waiting for is available. We work and make decisions quickly, so never delay checking new things out.

How to vote

If you use Timeflow on a daily basis or you just tested it for a few minutes, your feedback is just as important to us. Tell us if you need improvements, if you have specific need, if you are missing an essential feature or simply want to chill out and tell us how amazing you feel our team is.

To vote or give us feedback, nothing easier: just go to our feedback page and indicate your interest in an existing ticket or create a new one if it doesn't exist yet. To be able to vote or create a ticket, you will have to register on the feedback & Roadmap platform operated by Canny.

In the very near future we will allow Timeflow users to vote simply by logging into the application.

In short, you have the power to make this project exceptional with us, so go ahead, share your needs!